Friday, March 4, 2011

How thoughts work

Greetings Awakened Ones!

If you have been on the spiritual path for a while, you probably have heard that your thoughts are not your thoughts. Well, whose are they, because they sure are running around in my head!

The key to know is just because thoughts appear or pass through your mind doesn't mean you have to buy into them or identify with them or act upon them! You can actually simply let them pass though.

The challenge may be when those thoughts keep passing through and they are affecting you negatively. The first thing is to remember that they are just thoughts! You do not have to react to them. You can simply observe them. This may take practice but it is so worth the effort. Because, once you begin to watch them you then have the presence of mind to be more conscious in choosing whether to engage them or change them!

. What do you do with your repetitive thoughts? How do you change them or do you just let them run rampant?
. What is the quality of your repetitive thoughts? Are they positive or emotional, or negative?

"Watching in" instead of "watching out", will have a powerful effect on your life!

Make it a valuable day!
Rev. Sylvia

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  1. Thoughts are a process of the mind. They make us who we are. I have a feeling that you believe we have a spirit? What if it was the spirit that controlled the brain, so the mind too.